How to Create an Attractive Personal Calling Card

Tools and plans for creating an Attractive Personal Calling Card


A personal calling card is the simplest piece of contact material that can be left with someone.

There are 3 basic types of contact cards:

  • a personal calling card, which does not mention any business. It just lists your name, any professional titles, and your personal contact information.
  • a corporate business card is a generic card, which does not contain any personal details
  • a normal business card, or simply a business card, identifying a person who works for a company

Any design of your personal calling card must identify you and providing your contact information.

In terms of format, a personal calling card should:

  • Work with your personal branding effort, using the same colours, fonts, and symbols used in other marketing material you have, if any.
  • Be readable and scan-able, in terms of font family, colours and size. Font sizes should be 8pts and above and have font colours that contrast sharply with the background on which the text is based. The font family should make the text readable, even in small sizes. San serif, non-condensed, non-italic fonts are better than those that use these features because the text will not "run together" and the text is more accurately scan-able. Also, no text should be underlined.
  • Most personal calling cards have 2 logical blocks:
    • An optional logo block containing your personal logo. Optionally, a tag line may be included.
    • Your contact information.
  • The block layout is nicely balanced and aligned.


This How-To assume that a personal calling card has already been created and will be uploaded to the EntreBahn site for review and validation according to these criteria.