It is our belief that you should know what something is going to cost before you commit to paying for it.

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Fixed Review Pricing

All EntreBahn in-depth structured reviews have a fixed price, based on the type of material being reviewed and the number of advisors whom you ask to review your material.

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Capped Revision Pricing

All EntreBahn revisions have capped pricing which limits your exposure. Revision pricing is inversely proportional to the review score. The higher the review score, the lower the price of a revision. If no review was performed, then the revision's price is the maximum revision price for that type of material since the advisor needs to start from scratch.

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100% Money-back Guarantee

All work done by EntreBahn advisors is guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations or your money back. We only ask that you complete a simple evaluation of the review or revision within 3 days. In this way, you can help us resolve our quality issues.


Review Pricing

All prices in Canadian Dollars
Submission Type
Client Fee
For One Reviewer
Fee For Each
Added Reviewer
  Business Idea225125
  Business Plans  
    Business Plan for Angel and VC Investors600500
    Business Plan for Banks and Finanical Institutions475375
    Business Plan for Internal Use600500
  Marketing Plan538438
HR (Human Resources)  
  Job Applications  
    Cover Letter19494
      Professional Functional Resume413313
      Professional Chronological Resume413313
      First Job / Student Resume10555
    Curriculum Vitae413313
    Company Name225125
    Corporate Logo225125
    Tag Line225125
  Vision Statement  
    Personal Vision Statement225125
    Business Vision Statement225125
  Mission Statement  
    Business Mission Statement225125
    Personal Mission Statement19494
  PR (Press release)225125
  White Paper413313
  Email Sales Letter225125
  Script for Pitch225125
  Ad Copywriting225125
  Book Copywriting225125
  Informational Presentation350250
  Sales Presentation413313

Revision Pricing

All prices in Canadian Dollars
Submission TypeRevision Price Without ReviewsRevision Price with Review Score of 100%
  Business Idea413163
  Business Plans  
    Business Plan for Angel and VC Investors1100225
    Business Plan for Banks and Finanical Institutions850163
    Business Plan for Internal Use850163
  Marketing Plan725163
HR (Human Resources)  
  Job Applications  
    Cover Letter350131
      Professional Functional Resume725225
      Professional Chronological Resume725225
      First Job / Student Resume21578
    Curriculum Vitae725225
    Company Name475163
    Corporate Logo413163
    Tag Line413163
  Vision Statement  
    Personal Vision Statement600163
    Business Vision Statement600163
  Mission Statement  
    Business Mission Statement413163
    Personal Mission Statement263138
  PR (Press release)413163
  White Paper475225
  Email Sales Letter413163
  Script for Pitch475125
  Ad Copywriting600163
  Book Copywriting600163
  Informational Presentation413225
  Sales Presentation538225