How do I become an accredited expert?

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If you have expertise in one or more business areas and you consider yourself an authority, then you can get paid for assessing and giving private feedback and advice to others looking for professional assessments in those areas.


As an expert candidate, you are asked to choose the types of business submissions that you want to assess. You will then be sent one test submission for each business field you want to assess. These test submissions will appear in your Dashboard. You are then need to assess each test submission. When you have finished assessing our test submissions, your assessments will be evaluated by EntreBahn staff or agents. If your assessment(s) reach the required standard, you will become an accredited EntreBahn expert in that business field. Once accredited, you have complete freedom to choose when and whether to assess something or not. However, once you commit to doing an assessment, it must be completed within a assessment period, usually 24 hours.

Often, candidates select all the areas in which they believe they are experts. We find it better to try qualifying for 1-3 fields of expertise first. This means that you can get your feet "wet" without being overwhelmed by a lot of test submissions.

Maintaining quality

Maintaining quality is important for two main reasons:

  1. Clients get what they pay for.
  2. It ensures that the quality of the the work that EntreBahn's accredited experts is of the highest quality, which reflects on all the members of the pool of accredited experts. As an expert, you want to be associated with other exceptional experts.

As a way of maintaining the quality of the assessments, we allow clients to evaluate the assessments they ordered. An assessment is evaluated based on our C.A.R.E. Criteria™. The assessment must be:

  • Clear — it must be clearly written and understandable by the client.
  • Applicable — it must be generally useful for this type of submission.
  • Related — it must be directly related to this specific submission, generic comments are not acceptable since they are covered in the Applicability criteria.
  • Executable — it must contain advice on what to do next and perhaps how to do it. That is, the client should be able to execute the advice in a meaningful way given their resources.


Accredited experts are asked to provide profiles that clients can use to decide if they want to select a particular person as one of their experts. The more complete your profile, the better are your chances of being selected. How do I create my expert profile can be found here. A sample of an expert profile can be found here.


At a minimum, you should provide concise information on:

  • Your skill set
    • A list of your fields of expertise
  • Where you worked and the positions you held?
    • What you did in each position?
  • Industries Served
    • In which industries did you work?


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