How Do I Create My Expert Profile

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Your expert profile is important because you use it:

  • To sell yourself as expert in your field so clients will select you as an advisor
  • Illustrates your areas of expertise
    • Builds on, or reinforces, your LinkedIn profile
  • Shows your relevant experience backing up your expertise
    • Title and responsibilities
  • Education (optional)
    • Most advanced to less advanced degrees

Profile vs Resume

An EntreBahn profile is not a resume. A profile answers the question of what skills you have that a client can use to assess their submission. It is very short and concise, brutally so. Remember that clients may be looking at hundreds of profiles. The wordier you are, the less likely you are to be selected.

Expertise/Skill Set Section

Simple list of expertise/skills, one per line. For example:

  • PR consultant and product branding
  • HR recruiting
  • Journalism

Experience/Professional Background Section

This section elaborates on your skill set/expertise and is designed to communicate credibility. It does this by providing some specifics on what you've done. It has two subsections:

  • Job title, optional department, and organization/company
  • Optional list of major responsibilities, one per line. (Your title, department and company should speak to this question since authors must know something about your field to ask you to be one of their advisors.)

See examples of profiles at the end of this FAQ.

Education (optional)

Degrees from most advanced level to least. For example:

  • Ph.D., MBA from AAA University - Baxter School of Business
  • LLB from CCC University - Hawthorne Law School

Example Profiles

  • Lawyer
    • Expertise
      • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Experience and Background
      • Legal and Business Consultant, DEG Consulting Entertainment companies
      • M&As Director, Mergers & Acquisitions, HIG Corp.
    • Education
      • MBA, OutOfTown University
      • LLB, BigTown University
  • Marketing consultant
    • Expertise
      • Internet Marketing and Branding
    • Experience and Background
      • Art Director, Ergonomic Design + Communications
    • Education
      • BigTown College
  • Executive Director, independent investors association
    • Expertise
      • IPO advisor Investment broker
    • Experience and Background
      • Executive Director, BigTown Angel Venture Corp
      • Chief Strategy Officer, New Inventors International
    • Education
      • Certified Financial Advisor, Canadian Securities Course
      • Bcomm from BigTown University
  • Managing Director, Founder, UI consulting company
    • Expertise
      • UI Design and strategy
    • Experience
      • Product Manager, EyeOpener Engineering
      • User Interface Specialist, BigCity Telecom
    • Education
      • MSc, BigCity University in Cognitive Ergonomics


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