Who makes a good expert?

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A good expert has several attributes:

  • They have been accredited by EntreBahn
  • They have one or more specialties in one or more areas of business
  • They have knowledge, experience, and success in the fields where they claim expertise
  • They genuinely want to help their clients achieve their clients' goals.
  • They are also a cross between a teacher and a consultant.

A coach is paid by clients who asked for professional confidential feedback and advise. This feedback takes the form of a structured in-depth assessment which must conform to a number of criteria, including our C.A.R.E. Criteria™: Clarity, Applicability, Relevancy, and Executable. Assessment also contain comments where the expert's tact may come into play, particularly if the comments highlight errors, omissions, and ways of doing things differently.

How to write a professional EntreBahn assessment is shown here.

Sample EntreBahn assessment is shown here.


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