What are the benefits of becoming a coach?

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The benefits for becoming a coach include:

  • Earn income using your expertise
  • Built-in lead generation system for consulting gigs, contracts, jobs, etc.
  • Enhances your reputation by demonstrating your abilities in other areas
  • Convenient: review what you want, when and where you want without having to justify your decision
  • Potential for social media spin-off
  • No risks in becoming a reviewer and no cost to do so

Our “Golden Rule” for coaches:

Clients must feel that they have gotten their money's worth.

To make a review worthwhile, it must conform to the C.A.R.E. Critria and describe what needs to be done, why, and, if appropriate, how to do it. If client requests a revision, a coach can agree to do the work for fee in addition to that charged for a review.

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