What is an accredited expert?

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An accredited expert is an experienced business expert in one or more business fields. They must be accredited by EntreBahn in each field in which they claim expertise. For example, a person claiming to be an expert in both marketing and finance must be accredited twice, once in each field.


Being Accredited

To be accredited as an expert, the person must assess a sample of material from the business field in which they claim expertise. These assessments are like any assessment that the prospective expert would normally do for a client. The difference is that our panel of pre-accredited experts serves as the client, and they evaluate the test assessment according to our C.A.R.E. criteria. If the score for the evaluation meets or exceeds our threshold for acceptance, the person is notified that they can act as an accredited expert to our clients in that subject area.

Currently, the accreditation threshold is 75% and above, based on the score they received using our C.A.R.E. criteria of their assessment.

Our 'Golden Rule' for accredited experts is:

Clients must feel that they have gotten their money's worth.

To make an assessment worthwhile, it must conform to the C.A.R.E. Critria and describe what needs to be done, why, and, if appropriate, how to do it.

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