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Tools and plans for creating a compelling elevator pitch - VBA1


In business, we are always pitching when we meet someone. Your audience will want to know what we do and how it can benefit them. If your pitch is compelling, it will be well constructed, practical and concise, it will interest them and you will both be offered benefits.


Problem Identification

Begin by identifying:

  1. A problem or dilemma in a statement form.
  2. Explain how this problem / current way of doing things / existing technology negatively affects people
    • by slowing down their progress/productivity
    • wasting their time
    • duplicating effort
    • costing them money in some way
  3. Describe the resulting implications or consequences


Present how you intend to overcome this identified problem. Your explanation must be well-thought-out to be credible. Falling short in this area leads to mistrust.

Describe the Main Benefits

Detail the main benefit, maybe two, if related (remember: you only have 30 seconds), that your solution offers. Your solution must be something your target audience can relate to. To prove your point(s), state the gains (in cost or time savings), advantages, studies, test results, testimonials, etc. This 'proof” statement confirms your solution is valid, logical, timely and practical.


While you are talking, pace yourself so that you can get an impression on the reception that your pitch is receiving. Be prepared to shift to a different set of questions and/or benefits, as needed.

Call to Action

If you haven't detected any discomfort in your audience, you may now find out if what you've said is of interest to the other person. If they haven't already engaged you in a conversation or asked you a question, you can them ask them one: “Has anything I've said made you think about how this would help you or your company?” or “What do you think?” or “Do you see how this solution fits in with what you're doing?”

Your goal is to:

  1. Get the name of the person in their company (if they aren't the decision-maker),
  2. Get permission to send them an informative email,
  3. Get their OK to arrange a meeting with you or anything else you can think of.

Understand that a pitch is not meant to sell a product or service, but to get you to the next step, whatever you determine that to be.

You'll Need More than 1 Pitch

Different audiences have different needs and for different types of information. Keep the structure the same, but vary the content to match your audience's experience and viewpoint.

Expert/Audience Expectations

Based on these attributes, experts will be looking for and your audience will expect:

  • A clear idea of what your business is and the industry you are in
  • What problem/pain you are trying to solve
  • Who is your target market
  • Your advantage over the competition. This is often combined with the benefits of your solution

There are different viewpoints on what makes an effective and successful submission of this type. Because of this, we have included different versions produced by different experts. Each version is identified by their author's ID. Please look at those other versions that we have included in the How-Tos to see which one best suits you.

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