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Tools and plans for creating a compelling elevator pitch


The purpose of an elevator pitch is to get your audience interested enough to want to know more. It should take less than a minute.

An elevator pitch should be scripted so that you can rehearse it as many times as needed until you get it down "pat". This How-To suggests how you can create a script for your pitch.

Every pitch is made up of two parts: a script; and a delivery. In this guideline, only the script is discussed which contains the content of what you are going to say. It is important, but often, not as important as how you deliver the pitch. Video recording your pitch can help train you for giving your pitch for "real". If you believe your video is good enough, you can also use it as a standalone ad.

Potential customers often judge the quality of an idea and or business service on the basis of the quality (organization, relevance and business value) of your elevator pitch.

An effective elevator pitch tries to answer these questions:

  • What pain do you address?
  • What is your product, service, or project and how do you solve it?
  • How does it benefit your buyer, investor, or sponsor?
  • Who are you and why you will be successful?

Usually these pitches are 100-150 words long.

Based on these attributes, experts will be seeking and your audience will expect:

  • A clear idea of what your business is and the industry you are in
  • What problem/pain you are trying to solve
  • Who is your target market
  • Your advantage over the competition. This is often combined with the benefits of your solution

Be memorable in presenting your case. For example, engage your prospect:

  • Using examples they understand; or
  • Showing a sample of your products; or
  • An example of the benefits one of your clients received

Lastly, end your pitch with a Call To Action (CTA) where your audience or you do something concrete. Examples include:

  • Asking them for a meeting to discuss your proposal in more detail; or
  • Offer to contact them if they give you their contact information.

In all cases, ask for a convenient date, time, and place for the connection.

Lastly, Do not use it to sell your product or service. No one likes a hard sell.

There are different viewpoints on what makes an effective and successful submission of this type. Because of this, we have included different versions produced by different experts. Each version is identified by their author's ID. Please look at those other versions that we have included in the How-Tos to see which one best suits you.


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