How to Create a New Company Name

Tools and plans for creating a new company name


A company name is part of your branding and is central to your identity in the marketplace. It must be:

  • Unique
  • Easy for others to spell.
  • Unambiguous. For example, is a poor name if another name like already exists.

It is also nice if you have a company name that:

  • Is easy to pronounce
  • Hints at or says what the company does
  • Is a URL. Using this form of company name also has benefits in terms of search engine optimization.

Lastly, be prepared to compromise among these 6 requirements.

For example, we have chosen EntreBahn as our company name. It is also our URL. It hints at what we do, is fairly easy to spell, is unique and basically unambiguous. While not perfect, it takes the rules we mentioned into consideration. We found it an acceptable compromise among these six requirements. At this point, we needed to sacrifice the usual .com version of the URL because it was already taken.