How to Create a Memorable Company Logo/Icon/Favicon

Tools and plans for creating a new company logo/icon/favicon


Your company logo, icon, and/or favicon are memorable in:

  • Identifying your company, its goods and/or its services
  • Uniquely identifying the company in the marketplace
  • Works with the corporate branding effort
  • Being memorable
  • Have impact consistent with the goals of the company.

In this day of Internet web sites, the need for an icon is also desirable. Like the logo, it should be easily identified when it appears on the desktop or status bar. Icons come in different sizes, but usually are one of the following pixel dimensions: 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 96x96 and/or 128x128. Not all need to be created with 32x32 being the most often used. Also, a properly designed icon can be automatically scaled and still be recognizable.

A favicon is a tiny graphic that usually is displayed in the address bar of your browser. Again, it should be consistent with your logo and be legible at very small sizes, usually 16x16 pixels. Most well-known companies have good examples of logos consistent with their branding. For instance, Apple's apple is uniquely identified with the company. IBM's logo is also memorable. The former is a pure graphic and the later is a stylized font.

Advisors will be looking for uniqueness, impact and clarity. Also, the choice of colours will be important when applied to your graphics in different media, like web sites, print, and signs.

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