How to Create an Inspiring Business Vision Statement

Tools and plans to create effective business vision statement


There is a lot of confusion between vision statements and mission statements. Examples are one of the best ways of showing the differences:

  • Vision statements
    • My vision is to see a the world free and at peace.
    • My vision is to be rich.
  • Mission statements
    • My mission is to fight to free the world of tyranny.
    • My mission is to get that sale using my experience and understanding of the client.

You can think of the distinction using mountain climbing as an example. The mission is to climb to the top. The vision is what you will be able to see from the summit.

Vision statements express what you want to see without worrying how you got there. Mission statements have actions leading to goals.

If you are having difficulty defining your business's vision statement, look at what other well-known businesses have done.