How to Create a Good Tag Line

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Taglines capture a company's purpose, value, major benefits and spirit in one phrase. They're typically used in marketing materials, advertising and in websites of companies engaged in Internet work.

A tag line is a brief message - between 3 to 9 words - that doesn't sell but tells, by being informative. It creates a first impression regardless of what your company does, what market(s) it serves, or how long it's been in business.

It is important to keep in mind:

  • A good tag line isn't a short explanation, motto, or saying; it's a serious and sincere statement that creates new perceptions and helps people remember what your company is about; as such, it reinforces your branding efforts.
  • If your company name, logo and tagline are all working together as they should, they can create a more memorable impression
  • The best taglines separate you from your competition, express your personality and add to your branding and marketing campaign. A tagline should tell not only what your company does; it should also make it clear how you are unique compared to your competition.
  • A great tagline includes your unique selling or value proposition (why people should buy from you instead of your competition given that you're selling the same thing); it's also the perfect ending to your 30-second elevator pitch when you're networking
  • If you've had the same tagline for years and your company has changed (markets, services, products, focus), your tag line could be outdated. Find out by asking people what they think of it.

Websites and tag lines

  • Your website should have a good tag line; it helps people understand the rest of your site via a brief, meaningful phrase (small group of words that are not necessarily a sentence)
  • Make sure your logo and tagline are on every one of your site's pages to: 1) Reinforce your brand, 2) Assure visitors they're still on your site (remember phishing?), 3) Prevent printed off web pages from getting misplaced
  • Tag lines are words, few in number, that create pictures, images, and memorable benefits in people's minds. Consider this when discussing or designing your home page. People spend as little 10 seconds on a website; what message can you convey quickly to them?
  • A graphic designer or designer should be part of the tag line creation process as t he logo works together with the tagline and website design


  • 'Cool,' industry buzz words or obscure versions of this words
  • Being too general. You want most people to understand it, not a few.
  • Settling for a bad tag line, just to have one, as it can turn off the very people you're trying to attract
  • Placing any type of punctuation, especially an exclamation(!) mark, at its end. Instead of drawing more attention to the words, it makes you seem arrogant and self-centred.

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