How to Create an Effective Pitch using Video

Tools and plans for creating an effective  pitch using video


An effective video pitch consists of 2 parts: preparation and delivery. Preparation consists of creating a script, practice, and enthusiasm. Your delivery needs to show your enthusiasm, eye contact if it is a person-to-person presentation, and pacing. To be truly effective, a video pitch needs to include other factors as well which are discuss in more detail later in this How-To.

Every pitch is made up of two parts: a script; and a delivery. In this How-To, only the video delivery is discussed a compelling pitch. It is often more important on how you deliver the pitch than what the pitch contains. Go here to see how to create a compelling script for a pitch. You may decide to use the video to train yourself in giving the pitch in person; or as a standalone ad. In either case, using the Context/Background text to tell any advisor who you expect your target audience to be.

An elevator pitch is a brief verbal description of your idea, product, service or project. This short pitch should so interest your audience that they want to hear more. Potential customers often judge the quality of an idea and or business service on how you deliver the message about your product.


You need to prepare for doing your video pitch. The following are some suggestions:

  • Have a script ready. One with which you feel comfortable. Try to memorise its main points.
  • Dress the part. For example,
    • If you are pitching to a CEO, dress in a business suit.
    • If you are looking for a entry level job, just dress neatly with whatever you have.
    • Whatever wardrobe you choose, avoid over-complicated dress or tie patterns and guady colours . They will detract from what you are saying, unless you are pitching fashion design. Also, most video cameras have problems recording complex clothing patterns.
  • Practice with a home video camera, if possible.
  • Before recording, get energised. You can do this a number of ways:
    • Get plenty of rest beforehand.
    • Immediately before you start recording, think of something you are really excited about: a hobby, sports team, community service, etc. Keep that excitement when recording.

You need to do a quality job if you are recording yourself for possible use as an ad. Ensure that you have:

  • Adequate lighting. Eliminate shadows that hide your face. The lighting should not cause glare.
  • Clear audio. That is, there is no distracting background noise or tiny echo.


There are a number of things to keep in mind when recording a pitch:

  • Show enthusiasm and/or conviction. This is most important and applies for all pitches.
  • Look at the camera. Image you are talking to a person. Don't look away, shut your eyes, fidget, or otherwise distract from what you are saying.
  • You may need to record the pitch a number of times. The number of times you do this often depends on how well you have memorised the basic points of the script.
  • Modify your script if it does not work for you. Get comfortable delivering your pitch. For example, if the wording keeps tripping you up, then reword that part of the script.
  • Speak directly to the camera. Imagine the person you want to pitch to is standing where the camera is situated.
  • Smile at the appropriate times and look serious when needed.
  • If you are practising to speak to a single person, then:
    • A head and shoulder image works best. In speaking person-to-person, the one you are talking to will be looking at your face, not your shoes.
    • Be prepared to deliver your pitch in one continuous recording.
  • If you are recording a pitch to use as an ad or to present to someone when you are not physically there, like on YouTube, then:
    • Break the pitch into parts before each important point.
    • No part within a pitch should be more than 15-30 seconds long.
    • Combine the parts in post-production using editing software.
    • Take shots at different angles during each significant part of the script. This will make the video more interesting.

If the pitch is important enough to you, then consider having it scripted and recorded by professionals.