Why is packaging important?

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Packaging can may or break your ability to get your message across.

Many of us assume that content is all important. So, for example, a restaurant menu just needs to tell a customer what's available to eat. A poorly presented menu will discourage people from eating. However, a restaurant menu presented in an attractive way can dramatically increase sales and profitability. What applies to restaurant menus also applies when presenting a business plan, ad, resume, business idea, web site, or anything else you wish to communicate to others.

Since packaging often depends on your target audience, your products and/or services need to reflect your brand. Advertising foods to teenagers is different from advertising foods to those with young families. Ad agencies are acutely aware of this. The same is true when sending a resume for a person to read or a machine to scan.

Packaging sometimes costs nothing. For example, changing to a more attractive font in a document is often free. At other times, it is very expensive, such as trying to reach a TV audience. That takes a professionally produced video. This is the reason it is worthwhile for a company to develop its own brand.

Packaging includes things like colour, arrangement, font, simplicity, graphics, video, sound, and branding.

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