Why is our feedback and advice superior to other methods?

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The main advantages that we offer over using conventional methods to validate ideas and improve you chances in the marketplace are shown in the following table.

Feedback Source Source Limitations our Advantages
Career-personal coach Narrow expertise, accessibility issues, expensive Any number of domain experts are readily available.
Special interest business associations – membership on yearly basis Narrow focus, limited scope, access to experts is limited because experts are often too busy Can easily select experts from a wide range of relevant domains who are paid to do a good job of assessing your material
Government bureaus (Enterprise Centres, YMCA/YWCA, etc. Limited scope of expertise, turnaround time issues, limited to general info, have to travel there, experts visit there only at certain times Assessments by accredited business experts given quickly as often as desired/needed
Online search engines, Slideshare.net Time consuming to search, locaility issues, often not specific enough, no interaction with experts Can quickly determine if experts with needed business expertise are available in your area who are also usually available for interaction
eLance, oDesk, public online forums No confidentiality, varying quality, no commitment guarantees, turnaround time, inability to meet, often advice is too general Communications between our users are always private, with turnaround, and costs determined by clients. Also, we are geared to business issues, not technical ones.


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