What does my Expert Score mean?

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EntreBahn maintains a cumulative personal score on every accredited expert which only EntreBahn administrators can access. It is used by EntreBahn admins for quality control purposes.

After an expert returns an assessment to the client, the client can evaluate the assessment. From the evaluation of an assessment, a score is computed by the system using the C.A.R.E Criteria™. That score represents the client's opinion of the expert's helpfulness, effort, and overall expertise as experienced through their assessment. This score reinforces the expert's credibility and serves as a talking point in all subsequent conversations. A cumulative score is the weighted average of all your clients' scores of your assessments.

Unlike for experts, EntreBahn does not maintain a cumulative score for clients. For clients, each of their assessed submissions is scored by their chosen expert, based on the criteria for that type of submission. The number arrived at (out of 100) gives clients an idea of where their work stands — quality and effectiveness-wise — and their strengths and weaknesses. 


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