How do I introduce a New Submission Type?

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Introducing a new submission type is a multi-step process. To help you do this, there is a Word document attached that walks you through the process of introducing a new submission type. Download a copy of this file to create your own version. Once you have written the HowTo document for your new submission type, staff at EntreBahn are available to help you finish most of the rest of the process.

When the document is completed, please email it to

What happens next

If your new type is accepted, you will be informed and your type will be added to the list of available submission types that clients can use to create their material or have their material assessed and/or revised.

In addition, you will become the first expert accredited to assess/revise material of this type. This will give you a head start on all others assessing/revising the new type of material.


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