Comparison between a Consultant and a Coach

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Both consultants and coaches are qualified advisors who provide different services with different benefits to those who hire them.

The following table illustrates the other major differences between these two roles.

  Consultant Coach
Function To provide possible solutions To draw clients out so they can develop their own solutions
Size Part of a larger organization Works 1-on-1 with individuals
Relationship Usually between corporations Usually between individuals or teams

Provides needed breadth of experience and expertise

Can help promote leadership

Company relationship Usually between corporations Hired for specific task with no management responsibility

Offers a set of optional solutions between which the client needs to choose

Position as advisor with experience and specific skill sets aimed at solving specific problems
Expertise Range Solutions in the context of the whole corporation Specific skill set used to facilitate a solution to a given set of problems
Engagement Term

Report-based work, usually short term

Project time-based, usually for a term of weeks or months


Identifies problems and possible solutions across the corporation

Promotes growth and leadership in individuals or discovery and effectiveness in teams
Personel Commitment

Very limited commitment on part of corporate personnel

Very hands-on commitment between coach and those being coached

Buzz Words
  • Focus on problem
  • Subject-matter expert
  • Best Practices
  • Focus on client
  • Facilitator
  • Promotes leadership


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