Comparison between Assessments and using Online Forums

Picture of comparing apples and oranges

The following table summarizes many properties of the different concerned parties. While the points mentioned are generalizations, they are useful in determining what your target audiences expect.

Important differences between Forums and EntreBahn

Issue Forums EntreBahn
Question complexity Geared for answering simple textual questions like “Why doesn't this work?” Answers complex questions as represented by sales and marketing messaging like ads, Powerpoint presentations, Executive Summaries, etc.
Answer form Answers are free-form text with no structure.

Reviews are highly structured using objective criteria with detailed ratings, comment, and critiques.

Business model Communities that develop around subject matter are guided by self-help principle. Relationship between members is peer-to-peer / equal-to-equal. Advisors offer constructive criticism of submitted material. As experts in their fields, they are paid. Also, advisors may develop a relationship with a client/author that resembles mentor-to-student.
Confidentiality Everything on a forum is public. All submissions sent to EntreBahn are kept confidential. A submission can only be opened by its creator (client/author) and by the advisor(s) the client selects. This advisor has also signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement protecting the confidentiality of your submission. Finished reviews and revisions are sent to the client/author and are not shared with any other party.
Cost Most forums are free to use, as is information and advice. Clients only pay for in-depth structured reviews and revisions that the client requests. Everything else on the site is free, including the use of our outlines that have been developed to help clients create more effective messages. Also, clients can freely export any information they provide using our outlines. They are not locked in.


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