Comparison between Assessments and Opinions

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Opinions are confidential comments written by business experts that give you feedback on your work. Opinions deal with the past by commenting on what you have already done. They are free-text comments.

Assessments provide confidential, in-depth analysis by EntreBahn's accredited business experts of your material. It includes both feedback on what you did; and advice on what to do next and possibly how to make your material more effective in the future. Thus, assessments deal with both the past and the future.

Also, assessments are structured. This means that assessments are more detailed and include ratings on how well something has been done, comments on the reason for the ratings, and an overall rating. Since assessments are structured, and every assessor uses the same structure, it allows assessments from different experts can be compared.

Comparing Opinions and Assessments
Features Assessment Opinion
Done by Experts    
Clearly written and understandable    
Useful feedback    
Applicable feedback    
Advice on what to do next and how    
Detailed analysis    
Qualitative scoring    
Allow comparisons between experts    


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