Hal Swann

Hal began his career as an industrial designer. Initially, concerned with aesthetic design, his work progressed to mechanical and optical design, including patenting a laser measuring system. Continuing in automotive service equipment, Hal was recruited to a sales position, in which he took a product line from an installed base of two units, to become the most highly-respected system in Canada, and was named top sales manager in North America.

Parallel to and supporting these successes, Hal became deeply involved in industry associations, contributing to building curriculum for technical skills advancement, and “train the trainer” programs.

A brush with death saw Hal move more fully into photography (which he had used extensively in market development), virtual reality and film making technology. Rapid advancement led to consulting, specialized imaging and public speaking engagements for Apple, IBM, Kodak, Ontario Provincial Police, and other organizations.

As VP Digital Media at ZoomAndGo, Hal spearheaded numerous unique initiatives, including an online video and photo administration system to interface with a vast database of places to stay, worldwide. The firm’s *Geospatial Engine is highly touted by Sabre Global Distribution System as an unsurpassed system for data visualization of accommodations around the world.

Continuing with travel industry focus, Hal has filmed and produced materials for firms such as IBM Transportation Systems, Skyservice Business Aviation, AirSprint Private Aviation, and others.

Hal was approached by EntreBahn to film a piece for their EntreBahn product, and after some months of ongoing consultations, was excited to accept their offer to become Chief Operating Officer, in 2013.

In Hal’s offline life, he has served on boards of a number of arts organizations and is directly involved in efforts to alleviate, and ultimately eliminate, homelessness.