What is Our Mentor Engine Process?

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We help business convey their messages to their target audiences more effectively, efficiently, and successfully. We do this using three services: opinions, in-depth structured reviews, and revisions, each provided by a qualified domain expert specializing in the type of material that the user provides.

Membership in is free and you can join using the registration process.

We revolve around these major steps:
  1. The client prepares a type of submission such as a Pitch, Executive Summary, Business Plan, Graphic, Video, etc. either off-line using programs of their choice or on-line using our HowTos and templates.
  2. The client, also known as an author, submits their material for confidential review(s) by expert business mentors. The client then:
    • Uses comments from the review(s) to improve their submission.
    • Evaluates each review.
    • Repeats Step 1-2 until satisfied that no meaningful changes need to be made.

For someone in the mentor role, this process involves:

  1. Completing your profile describing your skill set and related experience along with which types of submissions you are interested in reviewing.
  2. Waiting for requests for reviews that match your inbound filters. You can look for them in your Dashboard or you can be told about the invitation using your preferred notification method.
  3. Agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement
  4. Writing a review on those submissions that are of interest to you.
    • Rate submissions based on objective criteria using the scales provided with an optional comment explaining your rating.
    • Add an optional subjective comment giving the author your overall impression of the submission.
  5. Returning reviews to the clients.
  6. Checking for and reading evaluations by clients whose submissions you have reviewed.

When you act as a paid mentor, you are compensated.

Mentors and clients can communicate directly with each other using our internal private messaging system. We are not party to nor gains any monetary value from any communications or agreements made between the two parties using these facilities or communications facilities not under our control.

To protect our users and to maintain the quality of the site, We reserve the right to ban any user for any reason, including violations of one or more of the Terms of Use Agreement, Anti-Spam Agreement, Privacy Policy, or Confidentiality Agreement.

Flowchart for basic EntreBahn process

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