What makes us so different from other services?

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We believe we are unique in a number of ways as discussed in what followings:

  1. We are a platform for testing many types of business activities without making costly commitments or risky decisions.

    Going directly to market is expensive and risky. To increase the chances of success, market research is usually conducted. Classic surveys or monitoring tools can be used, but they are often expensive and time consuming. More recently, crowd sourcing can be used. It is fast and inexpensive, but only simple questions can be asked about simple things and the opinions expressed are hard to qualify because the replies come from unknown sources. Twitter, with its limited capabilities, is often used as the medium for crowd sourcing opinions.

    We are different, in that any size or complexity of question can asked in the form of documents, graphics, or video. Responses are provided by qualified business advisors who are experts in the fields in question. This is true whether the advisors are responding to a request for an opinion, in-depth review, or revision.

    Thus, our qualified and experienced advisors act as your test market and they give you feedback and advice based on their experience and expertise.

  2. Everything done on our site is confidential. Only the client and their selected advisor(s) see the original material, the reviews and revisions. Before the advisors actually see the material to be reviewed/revised, they need to accept an invitation from the client and then agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Also, access to the site is protected throughout using SSL encryption.
  3. We are able to review material of any length or complexity. Forums and advice columns are tremendously valuable, but by their very nature, these venues are open to the public and they are totally inappropriate for confidential information. In addition, they are limited to responding to short questions. Lastly, the chance of someone getting an answer to their question is fairly limited -- especially in an advice column. These advice columnist may answer 2-3 questions a week. By contrast, our system is infinitely scalable.
  4. We currently offer three levels of service:
    • Our fixed-price opinions are confidential. They offer feedback on what the client has already done.
    • Our fee-based confidential in-depth structured reviews provide detailed analysis of the material under review. This analysis includes subjective comments and a series of objective criteria each consisting of a rating from 1-10 from poor to excellent, and an optional comment explaining why the client received this rating on this particular aspect of their submission, and advice on what they need to do next and perhaps how to do it.
    • Our fee-based confidential revision service are provided by mentors(s) who use their expertise and experience to revise the client's material.
  5. A client can choose the advisor(s) they want to test/review/revise their material. This choice is based on an easily accessible profile for each qualified advisor outlining their skill set and relevant experience.
  6. Multiple advisors operating in parallel can be selected by a client to review their material using the same set of criteria, all at a reasonable price. This gives the client more than one viewpoint on the same material and lets the client compare and contrast the views of different experts in a more meaningful way. Our review process also allows clients to see which mentor best understands their issues. This gives a client an efficient and effective way to "vet" advisors for future, more extensive, use on any further work outside the scope of the current review/revision process.
  7. Our mentors are pre-qualified. Simply because someone claims expertise in an area does not mean that they are able to act as an advisor. Each prospective advisor is asked to write a review on a sample submission which is then evaluated according to our C.A.R.E. criteria. If their resultant score meets our threshold for a meaningful review, they are considered qualified. Thereafter, the advisor is constantly evaluated by the client each time they write a review and they must maintain a high standard to continue acting in the role of an advisor.
  8. We are a one-stop shop for business testing, feedback, and advice in many different subject areas. There is no reason to hunt and peck at many sites to find the expertise they need. For example, a user can access expertise in business plans and marketing on the same site. Our list of areas in which we have expertise is constantly expanding and has no limits.


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